Annual Report

The following link is the most recent MLGIP Annual Report.  The Annual Report provides Maryland's local governments with an in depth look at the Maryland Local Government Investment Pool.  Beginning with a letter from the Maryland State Treasurer, the Annual Report makes available all of the pertinent information on the Pool.

The Annual Report consists of three sections. 

1) Overview Section  - detailing the oversight and management, a synopsis of the fund, its purpose and objectives, growth charts, eligibility, participant type profile, communications and eligible investment instruments.

2) Investment Review Section - includes a yield comparison, portfolio profile, investment restrictions, participant instructions, and operating policies.

3) Financials Section - taken from RSM's annual audit. This section includes the opinion letter, schedule of investments, statement of assets & liabilities, statement of operations, statement of changes in net assets, and notes to financial statements.

Fiscal Year 2017